englishEnglish Language Levels

Elementary level

This level addresses the students that come in contact with the English language for the first time or have minimum previous knowledge. With the completion of this level students will be able to comprehend basic communication skills. (Degrees level A1 and A2).

Intermediate level

This level addresses the students that already know grammar and syntax of the English language and enriches their knowledge considerably. Great deal of focus is given to writing and speaking skills in order for the students to be able to communicate in a satisfying level, after completing the courses (Degrees level B1 and B2).

Advanced level

This level is addressed to students of a higher language comprehension, in order to perfect their knowledge and prepare them to obtain degrees which will provide them the possibility to acquire a teaching permission (Degrees level C1 and C2) courses of preparation for university studies. 


  • IELTS (International English language testing system)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language)

Internationally accepted as an English language certificate. These exams are for students willing to study or participate in programs, both in Greece and Universities abroad.

We support each and every one of our students along with their efforts to obtain knowledge in any of the corresponding language they choose.