In a work environment that is becoming more and more competitive, the Chinese language is turning out to be a precious ammunition in job hunting. Learning the Chinese language is challenging and we at Paneuropia react to this by offering a perfect teaching method for Greek students, assuring an exclusive and important collaboration with Mandarin Capital.

Mandarin Capital is one of the most important Institutions of the Chinese language, based in Hangzhou at the province of Zhejiang, known for it’s beautiful landscapes, important universities and it’s fore coming evolution.

The books used for teaching always depend on our students needs. There are books for young students, for adult students and Business courses for businessmen who travel or collaborate with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Through our teaching courses we are proud to say that we have been very successful at the HSK exams, which certifies knowledge of the Chinese language and the exams take place every October from the Greece-China Association.

There is no doubt that by investing and obtaining a HSK 3 certificate, it will boost your curriculum vital and open up your horizons in your business career.

Adult Sessions

Children’s Classes

Since 2012 we have Chinese classes exclusively for children. All books and educational material specialized to meet children’s needs.

For Chinese we design and prepare our students with the following reading material.